HydroPower Ultra Resin Packs

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Over 30% more pure water per resin filling 

  • For Hydro Power Ultra Filter L, LC
  • Every Ultra resin pack contains a pre-portioned amount of UNGER premium ion-exchange resin
  • New formula, perfected for glass cleaning
  • The FloWater technology 2.0 in every Ultra resin pack ensures and efficient flow of water through the whole tank which optimises the resin saturation
  • Kit with 3 Ultra Resin Packs for DIUH2, DIUH3, DIUK2, DIUK3, DIUKS, DIUKF
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Simple. Efficient. Hydro Power Ultra.

The UNGER HydroPower Ultra is setting a new standard in deionising filter technology for pure water cleaning. A definite value-add for every professional glass and building cleaner.

The perfect choice for every job

All three versions are compact and easy to transport. Choose the correct size of HydroPower Ultra for you, taking into account how often you work with pure water.

The resin is only suitable for the purpose of cleaning windows, facades, floors, glass or similar surfaces. Functional safety is not ensured for use in other areas. Unger shall assume no liability for any potential consequential damages.

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