The UNGER HydroPower® Ultra sets a new standard in DI pure water technology

Solingen | 01.04.2019

Cleaning specialists are increasingly choosing to do their work with pure water. Up to 50% savings in time and labour costs provide a significant competitive advantage. Now UNGER, the innovation driver in the field of pure water cleaning, has developed an even more powerful DI filter with the new UNGER HydroPower® Ultra, with 30% more efficiency.

Using demineralized water, so-called pure water, allows for perfect cleaning results. In the process, the dirt particles combine magnetically with the pure water particles so that impurities are removed from the glass without the use of chemicals. No more need to squeegee and polish. The glass dries streak-free and without any residue. The work goes twice as fast as traditional glass cleaning and significantly cuts costs. The method even allows you to work safely from the ground as high as 6 storeys up, all without platforms or ladders. No more need to rent expensive work platforms.

he new UNGER HydroPower® Ultra DI filter makes the ion exchange process even more efficient thanks, in part, to the new resin formula, perfect for glass cleaning, and UNGER's FloWater Technology 2.0.

The new technology in each Ultra Resin Pack guarantees efficient water flow through the entire tank, optimizing resin utilisation. As a result, more than 30% more pure water can be produced per Ultra Resin Pack.

The UNGER HydroPower® Ultra is available in three versions: Ultra S, Ultra LC, and Ultra L for different usage frequencies. All filters are compact and easy to transport. The proven FastLock quick release with secure, self-locking mechanism with pressure relief valve allows easy opening and closing of the tank. A standard integrated TDS meter indicates when the Ultra Resin Packs need to be changed. A KeyLock function with an intuitive colour coding system prevents incorrect operation. The Ultra Resin Packs can be changed as easily as coffee pads in a coffee maker.

The UNGER HydroPower® Ultra has stable quick-fit water connectors made of stainless metal. A practical shut-off valve prevents leakage during transport and a pre-installed dynamic control guarantees optimal water flow at all times.

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