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With more than 50 years of experience, UNGER develops innovative cleaning systems and tools in exchange with users, service contractors and clients, which make the work of cleaning staff even more effective, efficient and ergonomic. UNGER cleaning products maximise the working efficiency of your employees and ensure safety during the working process. The cleaning systems are adapted to the work processes of the employees, so that they can be operated by their ergonomic and intuitive design, particularly employee-friendly, without high training expenditure.

Your challenges:

  • Operational efficiency
  • Employee performance
  • Employee safety
  • Winning and retaining customers

Efficiency in cleaning services

To ensure operational efficiency, UNGER's ergonomic and efficient cleaning systems increase the productivity of cleaning personnel. By integrating precise spray systems into the cleaning tools, cleaning agents can be applied efficiently and effectively, thus saving costs. UNGER's cleaning systems are further developed through user interaction and can be used by cleaning personnel without expensive training costs due to their intuitive design. Safe, expandable pole systems can also prevent accidents during glass cleaning, as there is no need for ladders during cleaning. Through continuous optimisation of UNGER cleaning systems, your processes in cleaning services become even more efficient, with which you win over your customers through even better offers.

Your advantage with UNGER

  • Cleaning systems for your challenges
  • Continuous support and training
  • Increase your operational efficiency
  • Holistic cleaning solutions

Glass cleaning in the cleaning of buildings

For professional glass cleaning, UNGER offers cleaning tools whose ergonomic and effective use is outstanding. High-quality and lightweight materials enable even faster cleaning results with less strain on the cleaning personnel.

Glass and facade cleaning

With the innovative HydroPower pure water system, large window and facade surfaces as well as solar systems can be cleaned with demineralised water. The water-bearing nLite pole system allows safe working from the ground at heights of up to 20m. If pure water is used, one cleaning step is sufficient.

Glass and interior cleaning for building cleaners

UNGER offers cleaning tools for the professional glass and building cleaner to remove dirt from glass interior surfaces. UNGER's award-winning Stingray interior cleaning system enables cleaning work to be carried out quickly and effectively. The TriPad microfibre removes dirt easily, even in the corners of the window frame, and applies targeted cleaning agents to the surfaces through the integrated spraying mechanism. Here, too, ergonomic design and functionality are the main features.

Floor cleaning and care in building service contractors

Professional floor cleaning and maintenance is even faster and healthier with the ergonomic cleaning systems from UNGER. With the erGO! clean and wax systems, the floor can be cleaned and recoated quickly and effectively. Learn more about professional floor cleaning and care with UNGER products.


With its range of dust brushes and microfibre products, UNGER offers professional tools for building service contractors.  By using telescopic poles, even hard-to-reach corners can be removed from dirt and dust. Discover products such as the UNGER StarDuster and other professional cleaning tools.

Colour coding in the building cleaning department

With the four-stage colour coding system, the cleaning products can be assigned to defined cleaning areas, which prevents the spread of germs. At the same time, colour coding facilitates the use of specific cleaning and care products and thus helps to preserve material assets.

Sanitary room cleaning

When cleaning sanitary rooms, the highest level of caution is required for professional building service contractors. The wrong use of cleaning tools can easily cause germs to spread between toilet areas and other rooms. This can be avoided with UNGER's SmartColor cleaning system by colour separation of cleaning materials. With the UNGER SmartColor cleaning trolley, the required working materials can also be put together individually.

Cleaning in health care

Whether in hospitals, nursing homes or other health care facilities, the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and floor coverings must always meet the demanding hygiene standards. This is the only way to prevent infections and the spread of germs during daily operations. Learn more about UNGER's cleaning solutions in the healthcare sector.

Products for building service contractors

Here you can find the products of the various application areas of professional cleaning.

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