UNGER erGO! clean floor cleaning system

Solingen | 15.11.2017

Faster, more ergonomic and more efficient

Cleaning personnel put their bodies under considerable physical strain, especially when cleaning floors. They are also under constant pressure – they are expected to achieve perfect cleanliness in ever shorter amounts of time. In order to relieve the pressure on cleaning personnel and to make their work much simpler, UNGER has developed the innovative erGO! clean floor cleaning system. This system allows users to clean in a faster, more ergonomic and more efficient manner than ever before.

As a leading international manufacturer of tools for the building cleaning trade, UNGER develops innovative products with real added value. The best example of this is the erGO! clean floor cleaning system – a complete solution for efficient floor cleaning. Cleaning personnel benefit from its many different advantages.

Ergonomic design reduces physical strain

UNGER erGO! clean is available with either a straight or an ergonomically designed telescopic handle. The user has to expend virtually no effort to move the mop in S-shape motions – something which reduces the strain on shoulders, arms and wrists. The fact that the telescopic handle of the UNGER erGO! clean floor cleaning system can be precisely adapted to the height of the operator means that the user’s back can be protected and their cleaning work considerably simplified.

Ready to use immediately, efficient operation

The UNGER erGO! clean floor cleaning system is ready to use at any time thanks to the removable reservoir tank for the cleaning agent. A separate bucket is not required and users can save precious set-up time in their daily cleaning activities.

Practical: the transparent reservoir tank with its engraved scale can be removed in a matter of seconds, which means replacing the cleaning agent is simpler than ever before.

Thanks to the highly precise dosage mechanism, which can be easily operated at the top of the handle, the perfect amount of cleaning agent can be dispensed onto the area that the user is cleaning. The UNGER erGO! clean floor cleaning system works with all standard cleaning solutions. Another advantage: the mop with the latest microfiber technology combines a high water absorption capacity with outstanding gliding properties. Depending on the needs of the user, it is available as a pocket mop or as a Velcro mop.

Simple, solo floor coating

As the perfect accompaniment to the models for floor cleaning, UNGER also offers the erGO! wax System for floor coating – a task which normally requires at least two cleaning employees. However, with erGO! wax, one single user can recoat the surfaces of floors on their own.

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