New UNGER OptiLoc telescopic poles offer more safety and comfort for glass cleaning up to 10 m

Solingen | 19.09.2019

UNGER has now further optimised the popular OptiLoc telescopic poles for window cleaning and added more innovative features. In particular, the new ergonomic design of the handles and lockable twist collars ensures a comfortable and secure grip, even in wet environments. This is made possible by a newly developed, particularly slip-resistant 2K surface made of two components. The result is a noticeably better and secure grip, even with wet hands. New optical markings on the lockable twist collars also make them easier to use, thus preventing costly operating errors. This will make work faster and prevent wastage. The anti-slip end cap on the handle end is also particularly practical. It ensures a secure position of the UNGER OptiLoc telescopic poles when setting it aside and protects it against damage. All UNGER OptiLoc telescopic poles come with the ErgoTec® safety cone as standard. This makes them compatible with all UNGER glass cleaning tools. The ErgoTec® safety cone makes changing tools quick and easy and keeps the tools from dropping off.

The new UNGER OptiLoc telescopic poles will be available from November as two- or three-piece models available in six lengths each.

The new UNGER OptiLoc telescopic poles will be available from November as two- or three-piece models available in six lengths each. The two-piece UNGER OptiLoc telescopic poles are available in sizes between 1.25 and 6.00 metres. The 3-piece models are between 1.85 and 9.00 metres in length. All UNGER OptiLoc telescopic poles are made in Germany and are perfectly balanced in terms of weight and rigidity.

The OptiLoc telescopic poles from UNGER makes it safe and comfortable to clean windows and glass up to 10 metres high, while standing with both feet firmly on the ground. Additional security is provided by the ErgoTec® safety cone, which engages the tools reliably so that they are not dropped. UNGER OptiLoc telescopic poles are an ingenious alternative to working on ladders. After all, ladders are one of the major risks to worker safety. According to DGUV statistics on workplace accidents, there were just under 23,700 registered occupational accidents involving ladders in Germany in 2016 alone.* According to recently updated occupational safety regulations, working above 5 metres from ladders is no longer permitted in Germany.**

The proven UNGER quality convinces industry experts: The respected industry magazine “Tomorrow’s Cleaning” has nominated the OptiLoc telescopic poles for the “Tomorrow’s Cleaning Award 2021”. This award is given each year to the best and most innovative products and services in the cleaning industry.

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