nLITE Hybrid Brush

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Extremely powerful cleaning performance. Easier glide and less weight than full natural hair brushes. Recommended for maintenance cleaning and solar cleaning.

  • Outside boar bristles - high cleaning power of the folded bristles, no streaks
  • Inside bristles with Power Bristle Technology - very high scrubbing power - easy glide -low water absorption
  • With a special rinse nozzle strip above the brush for powerful rinsing
  • Including hoses with quick connectors
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For stubborn dirt: With the UNGER nLITE Hybrid brush for pure water cleaning, dirt has no chance

The nLITE Hybrid brush is available in two widths: 28 cm and 41 cm. It has a mix of bristles: The inner bristles with the unique Power Bristle technology are synthetic, offer extremely high scrubbing power, ensure that the brush glides easily and only absorb a very small amount of water. Wild boar bristles are on the outside, which have a strong cleaning power and do not leave any streaks. The combination leads to an extremely powerful cleaning performance, easier gliding and less weight than all-natural-hair brushes. The central nozzle block also ensures powerful dirt removal.

Yet another highlight: Clean with classic up and down movements or open the Swivel Lock and clean with an S movement from right to left. The swivel function, which enables the brush to be swivelled 180 degrees, increases your work area enormously. This is particularly practical for pure water cleaning from a riser or a basket. The additionally included Soft Touch Bumpers on the side ends protect the object from damage and prevent annoying noises.

If you want to reach up high: The nLITE Soft brush is compatible with the nLITE telescopic poles. To use the new nLITE Soft brush and the nLite Connect pole, you need the thread adapter and the MultiLink angle adapter.

The nLITE Hybrid brush for extra powerful initial and solar panel cleaning

Heavily soiled windows in particular pose a challenge for pure water cleaning. Solar panels or window fronts in particular are exposed to the weather on a daily basis, which can cause stubborn dirt deposits to form. In order to remove these impurities thoroughly and effectively, UNGER developed the nLITE Hybrid brush as part of UNGER window cleaning with pure water. Stubborn dirt has no chance against the combination of wild boar and synthetic bristles, supported by the Power Bristle technology! The nLITE Hybrid cleaning brush is lighter than an all-natural-hair brush and therefore glides particularly well. In addition to the brush, you will also receive the hoses and the quick connector that you need for use with the nLITE telescopic pole system.

Declare war on dirt and let the thorough cleaning results of the nLITE Hybrid brush convince you!

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If you are ever dissatisfied with an Unger product, you may return it for a replacement exchange OR refund. Right

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