Stingray QuikPads

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Hygienically clean without having to launder

  • Quickly and safely removes fingerprints, grease, etc.
  • Optimal for preventing cross contamination
  • Coverage per QuikPad: 15 m²
  • 3-layer construction: cleaning layer, absorbent core, and fastening layer
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Hygienically clean, without washing

Fast, hygienically clean and safe: these are the most important requirements when cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. Especially in highly frequented areas, pathogens must be eliminated efficiently and safely. With the UNGER Stingray QuikPads, this is achieved in no time at all.

In combination with the Stingray OS and detergent/disinfectant, the QuikPads clean and disinfect without washing. With an adapter they can be used with any Stingray system. The replacement of used QuikPads is effortless and lightning fast.

Each QuikPad can be used for an area of up to 10 m². The simple exchange of the disposable pads ensures optimum hygiene. This is how they counteract the spread of germs.

The Stingray QuikPad is suitable for use with standard disinfectants.

Hints for a successful disinfection:

  1. change the cleaning pad after max. 10 m².
  2. when changing the QuikPad, bend a protruding corner on the unused side inwards and remove the QuikPad without touching the used side.
  3. discard used QuikPads - do not reuse dirty or contaminated QuikPads.

54% polyester, 46% viscose pushes

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