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Cleaning photovoltaic plants made easy

Cleaning photovoltaic plants

Solar-powered electricity is a major trend. To ensure that a photovoltaic system reaches the ripe age of 40, it is important to clean it regularly. In fact, up to 30 percent of electricity losses can be attributed to contamination alone. In order to meet the requirements of expensive solar technology, we recommend consulting a specialist. They will be familiar with the various types of contamination and have the necessary professional cleaning equipment.

Our handy tips and tools for a sparkling clean solar unit

What needs to be considered when cleaning a photovoltaic system?

When cleaning solar panels, professionals look at the degree of contamination. Mild impurities such as pollen are usually easily washed away by rain and melting snow. Panels with a tilt angle of more than 30 percent virtually have no surface dirt.

However, stubborn dirt such as bird droppings, lichen and moss is more weather-resistant. This must be cleaned using specialist products. Since moss and lichen grow around the edges of photovoltaic systems, it is important to work intensively and precisely here. A particularly annoying fact is that bird droppings also harden under sunlight and stick to the material.

In addition to the visible contamination, invisible particles also cause the solar unit to work less effectively. Particularly in industrial areas and agricultural operations, fine dust particles deposit faster than in residential areas. These must be removed more frequently. How often basic cleaning should be carried out depends on the quality of the glass, roof angle and building properties. The photovoltaic system should therefore be visually inspected on a regular, case-by-case basis. 

Cleaning a solar panel with the nLITE telescopic water-fed pole system and pure water

These professional tools guarantee a clean photovoltaic system:

  • HydroPower pure water filter
  • nLITE water-fed poles
  • nLITE Hybrid brush
  • nLITE brush with unflagged bristles

We recommend cleaning large, sensitive surfaces such as solar units with pure water. Pure water is completely free from minerals and limescale deposits, allowing the contamination to be washed away without using chemicals. Pure water also produces streak-free results without the need to wipe off. This is therefore ideal for cleaning photovoltaic systems that are difficult to access. With its HydroPower RO pure water filter, UNGER provides a pure water system that is quick and safe to use. nLITE Water-fedpoles get the pure water directly onto the solar panel. The nLITE Hybrid brush or nLITE Power brush with unflagged bristles can then be used to remove any dirt particles. Bird droppings and lichen have no chance against these brushes. The pure water powerfully passes through a nozzle in the centre of the brush and cleans the particles away. The nLITE Power brush with unflagged bristles combines smooth anti-friction properties with excellent cleaning performance.

The nLITE Hybrid brush also contains unflagged bristles to prevent the surface from getting scratched. Multiple nozzle positions allow the purified water to be precisely dosed. The telescopic water-fed poles allow the solar panels to be cleaned from the ground, without the need for a ladder or scaffolding. Safety meets practicality. The telescopic poles are made from carbon and are therefore extremely light and robust. SmartLock clamps quickly and securely connect the poles together. The nLITE Carbon 24K telescopic system enables working at heights of up to 16m. This means that professionals can work ergonomically yet powerfully using the nLITE poles.

The results speak for themselves: the cleaned solar unit’s performance and service life is restored.