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Cleaning conservatories properly

UNGER conservatory nlite

The conservatory is a special place of well-being for many people, as nature can be viewed and enjoyed from there while being protected from the weather by glass windows. However, the large glass surfaces become a real challenge as soon as they need to be cleaned. High windows, angled corners and hard-to-reach places can usually only be reached with a ladder and make the exterior cleaning of the conservatory much more difficult. However, with the right tool, these obstacles can easily be overcome.

Clean the conservatory gently with pure water

Regularly cleaning outside windows is important, as dirt particles quickly settle on them. Cleaning should therefore be carried out two to four times a year, preferably in spring and autumn. The conservatory windows can be cleaned in different ways. Pure water cleaning is environmentally friendly and efficient, as this method works without the addition of chemicals and cleans materials gently. Water in its purest form has a strong cleaning power and, due to its physical properties, picks up dirt from the surface. Result: streak-free windows without much effort.

Exterior cleaning of the conservatory

Heavily soiled conservatory roofs should first be freed of coarse contaminants such as bird droppings and dust. Soaking the dirt beforehand simplifies the subsequent dirt removal. Washers with extra-long scrubbing fibres are suitable for this, as they absorb a lot of water and therefore have strong cleaning power. Conservatory roofs are often difficult to clean, as they are very high up. In general, exterior cleaning is associated with more effort, since the outer glass surfaces are more exposed to the surrounding environmental influences and are located higher up.

The new nLITE system offers limitless cleaning possibilities

A water-fed telescopic pole in combination with a modular angle system can also be used to reach high glass surfaces and angled areas of the conservatory roof. These were created and optimised for everyday work in order to be able to remove any degree of soiling even on higher floors. High and hard-to-reach areas of the conservatory can be cleaned even more easily in combination with the modular angle system. The system enables brushes to be changed quickly and easily and also prevents unwanted twisting.

Interior cleaning with traditional window cleaning

Conventional window cleaning with a washer and window squeegee is more suitable for cleaning the interior surfaces of the conservatory, as only light soiling usually needs to be cleaned here. Areas of the glass surfaces that are difficult to access can also be freed from soiling with the aid of a telescopic pole and the modular angle joint. A conventional washer is usually sufficient, as the dirt is not as strong as on the outside.