Window Cleaning Kit 1,25 m

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Starter kit for cleaning with telescopic pole

Contains an ideal basic equipment for glass cleaning and conservatory cleaning with telescopic pole


  • EZ120 OptiLoc Telescopic Pole, 2 sections, 1,25 m
  • VV350 VisaVersa® Pro 35 cm
  • MF40L MicroWipe Microfibre Cloth 40 x 40 cm
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Starter kit for glass cleaning with telescopic pole - For a working height of up to 3 metres

This kit offers the perfect entry into glass cleaning in places that are difficult to reach, such as high windows or conservatories.

The 2-section UNGER telescopic pole has always been the ideal equipment for professional glass cleaning, allowing you to work from the ground without any problems. The aluminium telescopic pole has a perfect balance of weight and stiffness. The aluminium alloy also makes it very stable yet light. The new 2-component screw fasteners ensure a comfortable grip and secure hold even in wet environments. In addition, the screw fasteners can now be opened and closed more easily to adjust the height of the telescopic pole more easily. The new design of the ergonomically shaped handle offers optimised operating and handling comfort and fatigue-free working. Since professional glass cleaning often requires cleaning at height, UNGER's telescopic pole enables safe and stable working from the ground, at the highest level without a ladder. Due to the new anti-slip end cap, the OptiLoc telescopic pole can be parked safely and protects against damage. The telescopic pole from UNGER is especially safe due to the ErgoTec safety cone. The ErgoTec safety cone prevents tools from falling off the telescopic pole by locking into the cone. Tools such as the VisaVersa can be changed quickly and easily with the unlock button.

The VisaVersa Pro 35 cm is a window squeegee and washer in one. It is perfect for cleaning with a telescopic pole, as there is no need to change tools while working. Thanks to its compatibility with the ErgoTec safety cone, the VisaVersa Pro locks securely into place. The professional quality squeegee rubber glides easily over the glass surface. With a shore hardness of 52 ± 3, the soft squeegee rubber adapts better to uneven surfaces and is ideal for colder temperatures. The rubber is attached to the channel by the pressure of the S-spring.

The MicroWipe 40x40 cm microfibre cloth is a powerful cleaning tool which is particularly suitable for polishing the glass surface and cleaning the frames. It can also absorb many times more water. The strong edge reinforcement prevents damage to the microfibre cloth, which makes it more durable. The MicroWipe can also withstand approximately 500 washer and dryer cycles, which also makes it extremely durable. The material thickness is 350g/m².

Glass Microfibre Cloth: 70 % polyester, 30 % polyamide

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