ErgoTec squeegee with green rubber

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Complete with S-channel and green squeegee rubber.

  • Ergonomic two-component handle for perfect grip
  • Robust stainless-steel S-channel
  • Easy-to-change rubber and channel with S-spring
  • Reliably long-lasting green squeegee rubber with outstanding sliding properties
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ErgoTec window squeegee with S-channel and green squeegee rubber

The ErgoTec product line is designed for all cleaning specialists looking for high-quality, reliable cleaning tools. All of UNGER’s products have been developed for daily use and are particularly durable and robust. Professionals working with the ergonomic ErgoTec tools will find them particularly gentle and effortless to use.

Whether it’s warm or cold: the ErgoTec window squeegee ensures a streak-free finish all year round

The ErgoTec window squeegee is equipped with an S-channel and a green squeegee rubber. Both the durable squeegee rubber and the S-channel can be easily replaced. Practical: Like all UNGER’s professional tools, the ErgoTec window squeegee can be used with UNGER’s telescopic poles. Like all ErgoTec tools, the UNGER window squeegee locks firmly onto the telescopic pole’s safety cone. No problems with falling or twisting off! The integrated thumb area on the top of the handle allows additional pressure to be applied when required.

The green squeegee rubber from UNGER – streak-free window cleaning

Professional window cleaners relying on high-quality equipment will achieve optimum results with the green squeegee rubber. The squeegee rubber is part of the UNGER range for conventional window cleaning and ideally suited to year-round use on all glass surfaces.

Outstanding sliding properties and reliably long-lasting

The green squeegee rubber scores points thanks to its outstanding sliding properties and guarantees streak-free surfaces. Professionals opt for the UNGER squeegee rubber because it achieves unbeatable cleaning results.

Thanks to its “Made in Europe” brand quality, the squeegee rubber is reliably long-lasting. The robust material remains wear-resistant even after frequent window cleaning.

Particularly compatible: ErgoTec is suitable for UNGER window cleaning accessories

The S-channel can be changed easily and in no time at all thanks to the simple S-spring opening mechanism. The UNGER ErgoTec window squeegee can be stored securely in the Bucket-On-a-Belt.

Try out the window squeegee with S-channel and green squeegee rubber – for easy, streak-free cleaning of larger areas in less time.

The ErgoTec window squeegee, complete with S-channel and green squeegee rubber, is available in widths of 35 cm and 45 cm.

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