DI-Pure Water Filter

DI-Pure Water Filter

Deionization (DI) pure water filter

The UNGER DI pure water filters are the central component of the pure water cleaning system. The filter removes minerals from the water, which gives the water a particularly high cleaning efficiency. After drying, no residues such as lime or water stains remain on the surface. The surface is then clean without streaks.

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Deionization pure water filter

The HydroPower Ultra Filter is the most efficient pure water system based on the principle of deionization. HydroPower Ultra Filters exceed the highest requirements in terms of efficiency, workflow, profitability and comfort thanks to top equipment with FloWater technology, Ultra Resin Packs and FastLock quick-release fasteners.

HydroPower Ultra

The UNGER HydroPower Ultra is available in three versions: Ultra S, Ultra LC, and Ultra L for different usage frequencies. All filters are compact and easy to transport. The proven FastLock quick release with secure, self-locking mechanism with pressure relief valve allows easy opening and closing of the tank.