Pure water cleaning system

The UNGER pure water cleaning system enables professional glass and building cleaners to enter the world of modern glass cleaning. With the waterfed nLite poles and the HydroPower® pure water cleaning system, glass cleaning up to a height of 20m can be carried out without the use of chemicals. Without the use of squeegee‘s and polishing, and can be performed safely from the floor. A sophisticated operating concept makes daily work easier. Modular and telescopic, there is a solution for every type of building. For the production of pure water, UNGER offers water filters with deionisation or reverse osmosis.

The advantages of window cleaning with osmosis system

The cleaning of glass surfaces with an osmosis system offers a multitude of advantages for the professional glass and building cleaner. Through the use of the innovative UNGER pure water cleaning system, the cleaning process can be carried out efficiently, safely and environmentally friendly.

Advantages 1: Security

  • UNGER nLite pole systems enable safe working up to a height of 20 m from the ground
  • Dangerous ladders or expensive aerial work platforms can be avoided

Advantage 2: Time saving

  • Surfaces can be cleaned faster with pure water cleaning systems
  • Due to the minerals filtered out, there is no need to remove and polish the windows, as they dry without leaving streaks or residues

Advantage 3: Economic advantages

  • Increased safety = less fall-related downtime costs
  • More efficiency - more work can be done in the same time
  • No rental of expensive lifting platforms

Applications of the UNGER Pure Water System

The use of pure water enjoys great popularity in various areas of application. Due to the strong cleaning power of demineralised water and the time saved by reducing the number of work steps, this technique is used in many areas of professional glass and building cleaning.

Choose your Pure Water Filter System

Different water filters and methods can be used for the production of pure water. All minerals are removed from the conventional tap water before it reaches the glass surfaces to be cleaned via the nLite poles and the waterfed brushes. The selection of a suitable filter system is important for the effective operation of your own pure water cleaning system.

UNGER rover-reverse osmosisfilter

The UNGER RO filter system demineralizes the water in a 3-stage process. First, the water passes through a carbon pre-filter which removes chlorine and sediments. The water is then pumped through two high-performance RO membranes that filter out up to 98% of the dissolved minerals and impurities. At this point the water flow is divided into waste water (concentrate) and pure water. The latter is led to the deionization filter, where the remaining minerals are trapped in a premium ion exchange resin. The result: 100 % pure water. RO filters have a higher initial investment, but benifit by their very low follow-up costs, with correct care and maintenance of the product. They are mobile and suitable for immediate use. Electric current is required for the pump.


  • Areas with hard or very hard water
  • Constant water production with high water demand

UNGER deionization filter HydroPower DI

During deionization for the production of pure water, resins trap the minerals that can otherwise lead to limescale deposits. After a longer period of use, the absorption capacity of the resins [internal link product side mixed bed resin] is exhausted and they must be replaced.

The water flows through ion exchange resin, which traps the solids. This produces high purity water similar to distilled water. Deionisation removes 100 % of the minerals and thus produces a high water quality. DI filters have a relatively low initial investment. There are follow-up costs for changing the resin after filtering a certain amount of water. All the filtered water can be used. The filters are mobile for immediate use and do not require electricity.


  • Areas with soft or medium-hard water
  • Suitable for sporadic and regular use
  • The small filter is ideal for tight working environments, occasional use or for beginners
  • The large filter is optimal for larger work areas and more regular cleaning

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