Ion Exchange Resin

Ion Exchange Resin

Ion exchange resin for pure water purification

In Deionisation filters (DI), the water flows through ion exchange resin, which binds and collects the mineral particles. HydroPower Ultra DI filters offer the most efficient ion exchange technology. This is ensured, among other things, by the new formula of the demineralisation resins used. This resin formula has been perfected for glass cleaning, along with UNGER's FloWater Technology 2.0.

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HydroPower Ultra Resin Packs

The new ion exchange technology in each HydroPower Ultra Resin Pack guarantees an efficient water flow through the entire vessel, and thus optimizes the utilization of the resin. This means that more than 30 percent pure water can be produced per Ultra Resin Pack for glass cleaning.

Replacing the HydroPower Ultra Resin Packs

The quick and easy changing of the HydroPower Ultra Resin Packs is done in no time at all. The HydroPower Ultra Resin Packs can be changed as easily as a coffee pad in a coffee machine. A time-consuming and heavy turning around and pouring out of the DI pure water filters is completely avoided by the HydroPower system.