UNGER presents new Stingray generation for efficient indoor cleaning especially for restaurants, hotels, and care facilities

Solingen | 01.04.2019

UNGER has now further developed the award-winning Stingray indoor cleaning system. With the new Stingray OS, UNGER enhances the versatility of the most efficient indoor cleaning system with an easy-to-fill tank system for alcohol-based glass and surface cleaners from different manufacturers. The Stingray QuikPads are disposable pads that can be changed at lightning speed to ensure hygienic cleanliness.

The UNGER Stingray stands for fast, flexible, ergonomic, and ultimately simple cleaning of indoor glass, even in between regularly scheduled cleans.

A special advantage of the Stingray system is the simple, intuitive handling. This makes glass cleaning 25 percent faster while using almost 40 percent less cleaning agent. Even cleaners without experience quickly achieve perfect cleaning results. No more need to move furniture out of the way, no more climbing ladders, no more cloths and spray bottles.

The triangular TriPads make it extremely easy to clean corners and hard-to-reach areas. Even heights of up to five metres (16.5 feet) can be reached comfortably with the innovative Easy-Click poles. The integrated, battery-powered spray pump with activation buttons on both the handset and each Easy-Click pole makes working comfortable and eliminates the need for manual spraying. No more risky use of ladders and dangers of falling!

The UNGER Stingray is particularly suitable for cleaning interior glass and mirror surfaces, glass doors, tables and furniture with smooth surfaces made of plastic, metal, and many other smooth surfaces.

The new UNGER Stingray OS is now even more versatile, since the new tank system can be easily and quickly filled with alcohol-based glass and surface cleaners from different manufacturers. Each 150 ml tank can clean up to 150 m² (1,600 sq. ft.) of surfaces.

The UNGER Stingray family has a new member: the new UNGER Stingray QuikPads. These 3- layer disposable pads with cleaning layer, absorbent core, and attachment layer ensure hygienic cleanliness. No more washing of dirty cloths! Stingray QuikPads are suitable for time-saving and hygienic cleaning in between deep cleans, e.g. in the public sector, in quick service and other restaurants, and in the helthcare sector. The QuikPads can be changed in a flash, and they quickly and safely remove fingerprints, grease, etc. from all smooth surfaces. One QuikPad is sufficient for cleaning about 15 m² (160 sq. ft.).

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