Angle adapter: flexible down to the last angle

Cleaning hard-to-reach places doesn’t have to be a struggle. Thanks to the modular nLITE angle adapter, efficient and precise window cleaning is a piece of cake. Using the angle adapter, the water-fed brushes of the nLITE system are simply attached to the nLITE telescopic poles. The UNGER nLITE angle adapter sets always provide the perfect angle especially for hard-to-reach areas such as conservatories or overhanging facade elements.

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nLITE angle adapter: efficiency in just a click

With the three pre-configured angle adapter sets in sizes S (width 15 cm), M (width 42 cm) and L (width 82 cm), cleaning professionals are bound to find the ideal connection for any work situation in just a click. The angle joint’s FastLock system lets you change the brushes in a matter of seconds. The brush angles which can be adjusted in 45° increments ensure that you’ll always find just the right angle for brilliant cleaning work. Any working angle can be achieved with the nLITE angle adapter. The angle adapter guarantees optimum cleaning results enabling efficient, flexible work right down to the last angle.

Cleaning with pure water: it depends on the angle adapter

With pure water cleaning, surfaces are made to shine without chemicals, efficiently and safely. The correct working angle that allows thorough cleaning with minimal effort depends on the surface to be cleaned. Special structural features such as overhanging facade surfaces, low window ledges or high-up solar panels require not only innovative water-fed poles and brushes but also stable angle adapters. Cleaning professionals are bound to find the ideal angle with the nLITE angle joints.