nLite Gooseneck

The nLite angle adapters allow brushes to be attached to all nLite® water-fed poles. The sturdy carbon fibre angle adapters allow any working angle to be achieved. Also ideal for deep window sills. Modern carbon materials guarantee a long service life and high stability. Available in lengths of 20 cm and 30 cm. Also available: extra long 150 cm hybrid version.

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HiFlo MultiLink Angle Adapter

The HiFlo MultiLink angle adapter makes it easy to set the correct working angle. The adjustable angle adapter on the cleaning system makes cleaning glass surfaces easier and more efficient. By choosing the right angle, larger surfaces can be cleaned quicker.

Goosenecks for a pure water cleaning system

An angle adapter connects the water-fed pole to the brush. It is necessary in order to be able to carry out pure water cleaning at the correct working angle. Depending on the cleaning task, e.g. window, facade or solar cleaning, and the structural conditions, the working angle may vary. With the stable angle adapters from UNGER, the brush always reaches the surface to be cleaned at the right angle, so that effective cleaning is possible.