AquaDozer straight

Article No.

For heavy duty jobs, black EPDM rubber. Ideal for industrial environment.

  • Sturdy construction
  • Solid handle socket
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AquaDozer straight

WaterWand Standard

WaterWand heavy duty, red

Sanitary Combi Brush


60 cm

90 cm

45 cm

55 cm

75 cm

45 cm

55 cm

Areas of Application

Pushing liquids, bulk solids and coarse dirt

Push and dry: Water, liquids, solvents

Push and dry: water, cleaning solutions, oils, acids, solvents

Scrubbing, pushing and drying: water, cleaning solutions

Rubber grips

EPDM (Ethylene-propylene-diene)

Black neporene rubber (Chlorophen, foam material)

Red neoprene rubber (Chlorophen, foam material)

Natural rubber (black and natural foam material

Inserts & Threads

Conical universal socket

Universal socket

Universal socket


Wood (Inside/Outside)





Ceramic Tiles

Dual Blade

Tartan Track

Rubble Stone/Stoneare

Details Details Details Details
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