The 16 most common mistakes in pure water cleaning

Nothing is more unsatisfactory than realising after cleaning the window that all the effort was in vain because streaks, stripes and stains on the pane spoil the final result. In most cases, this visible residue indicates an incorrect approach: if you prepare the cleaning with pure water correctly…

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Cleaning conservatories properly

The conservatory is a special place of well-being for many people, as nature can be viewed and enjoyed from there while being protected from the weather by glass windows. However, the large glass surfaces become a real challenge as soon as they need to be cleaned. High windows, angled corners and…

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Clean sustainably with pure water

Summer at last! We all love the warmer weather and longer days. But as soon as the first rays of sun start to shine through our windows, we become aware of all their annoying streaks and stains. Removing these streaks and stains completely takes a lot of time and effort. But it doesn’t have to be…

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Heroic window cleaning: Save the world from dirt

There is smoke from the food truck in the air, construction work swirls dirt between the high walls of skyscrapers and thousands of cars cross the streets. In large cities, the unfiltered polluted air impacts against the windows of buildings, some of which are hundreds of metres high. Millions of…

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