Facade cleaning

Facade cleaning is one of the most important tasks for the positive appearance of companies and buildings. Multi-storey buildings are cleaned at great heights, making it a demanding task for professional glass and building cleaners with strict safety requirements. The different materials of facades, e.g. stainless steel, glass, lacquered metal, copper or stone, require cleaning methods that are adapted to them. Environmental friendliness is becoming increasingly important in glass and façade cleaning, which is why cleaning with UNGER cleaning systems is recommended.

Cleaning systems for professional facade cleaning

For cleaning facades made of glass, steel or natural stone, UNGER recommends the use of telescopic poles and suitable brushes. This avoids the use of ladders, aerial work platforms and scaffolding, as the revolutionary pole technology of the nLite system from UNGER allows telescopic poles to be extended up to a height of 20 m with optimum stability and low weight of the poles. The water is fed through a hose into the brush, whose movement mechanically removes the dirt from the facade. In particular, the nLite system enables safe and effective cleaning at height.

Facade cleaning with pure water

With its pure water cleaning system, UNGER enables the removal of dirt from glass and other facade surfaces. Without the use of chemical cleaning agents. The minerals are removed from the water by the UNGER pure water filter so that no residues such as tensides or mineral deposits remain after evaporation. The right degree of bristle hardness can be selected for the respective surface from the range of different brushes. Rounded rubber edges on the brushes additionally protect the surface to be cleaned and prevent damage during cleaning. By using telescopic poles, a height of up to 20 m can also be achieved in a stable and safe way.

Advantages of glass and facade cleaning with UNGER cleaning systems

  • Fast and effective handling in just a few steps

  • Easy access to hard-to-reach areas

  • Single-stage cleaning - windows no longer need to be pulled off and re-polished

  • Large areas can be cleaned faster than with traditional methods

  • It can be cleaned from the floor at height

UNGER products for professional glass and facade cleaning

UNGER offers cleaning equipment for professionals in glass and building cleaning. The focus is always on the productivity, safety and comfort of the cleaning staff. The cleaning systems from UNGER stand out due to their ergonomic advantages.

How does pure water cleaning work?

Pure water cleaning is recommended for environmentally friendly and efficient cleaning of facades. With the UNGER pure water system, cleaning can be carried out at heights of up to 20 m using the nLite telescopic water fed pole system.

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