Pure Water filter

Pure Water filter

Reverse Osmosis (RO)


The water passes through a membrane, which retains some of the water and most of the dissolved solids.
RO can reduce the total dissolved solids content in water by app. 95-98 %.
Relatively high initial investment but nearly no maintenance cost.
Mobile for immediate set up.



  • 100% Pure Water by additional resin filter.
  • High pure water output ratio (ca. 60%)
  • High water production per hour
  • about 250l per person at HydroPower RO XXL (2 persons possible)
  • (app. 350l/h or. app. 700l (RO60S)
  • High power pump

Purchase recommendation:

  • You use the system regularly (every 1-2 days)
  • You mainly clean large surfaces and a high water flow is required.
  • For complete independence from tap water and at high water demand we recommend the mobile trailer HydroPower RO XXL with a large tank and a powerful RO filter system.