HydroPower Pure Water Filter

The Most Efficient DI Pure Water System Ever!

At UNGER we are always looking for innovations that are close to your professional needs and that make good products even better. We are proud to present our new generation of Deionisation Filters (DI) to you: HydroPower® DI

HydroPower® DI Filters offer you a bundle of great benefits, delivered through innovative design features:
FloWater Technology, QuickChange Resin Bags, FastLock Opening
HydroPower® DI Filters exceed the highest requirements to efficiency, workflow organisation and comfort. They are part of the nLite Cleaning System that offers practical solutions to professionals. Discover the benefits of the HydroPower® DI system: EFFICIENCY & EASE OF USE.

For users who need much capacity and flexibility we offer the HydroPower® RO XXL Trailer solution with a 3-stage-RO-filter.