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Wyk auf Föhr | 05.08.2019

Cleanliness is one of the top virtues in the hospitality industry, along with good food and the friendliness of the staff.

Guests should not be able to perceive any potential for dirt. This places high demands on housekeeping and floor cleaning. Cleaning tools therefore not only have to be effective, but also make employees' work easier. For the housekeeping staff at the Upstalsboom Wellness Resort Südstrand in Wyk auf Föhr, the erGO! clean floor cleaning system from UNGER was the only choice for keeping the 10,000 m² of floors clean. The fact hat the erGO! clean is so intuitive to use and so ergonomically designed that it protects workers' health quickly convinced the head of housekeeping.

The new Upstalsboom Wellness Resort Südstrand was opened in Wyk auf Föhr in autumn 2018. The luxurious 4+ star resort on Wyk's south beach, with unforgettable views of the North Sea and the Halligen Islands has since offered its guests an inviting place to relax and unwind. There are 144 rooms and suites in six different categories, as well as 23 exclusive residences for 2-6 persons. In addition to the exclusive "sydbar" beach bar, the lobby with reception area and the "hygge" bar, the "bi a wik" hotel restaurant with 200 seats inside and another 100 seats on the terrace entice everyone to linger. As a gastronomic highlight, the 60-seat gourmet restaurant "biike" ensures that no culinary wishes remain unfulfilled.

In the 2,000 m² spa area, meanwhile, guests find pure relaxation. Spread over two floors are four different saunas, a steam bath, an extensive sports and treatment area, as well as an indoor and outdoor pool.

As a premium address for high-end wellness tourism, the resort attaches great importance to quality and sustainability. This is also demanded of its suppliers. These should not only meet the highest quality standards, but also embrace these values themselves.

When it comes to sustainability, for example, the resort avoids any extensive use of chemical cleaning agents when cleaning the fine oak floors and open-pored fine-stone tiles and attaches great importance to ensuring that the tools used protect employees' health and make work easier. The outstanding ergonomics of the UNGER erGO! clean floor cleaning system was the strongest argument for the resort's purchase decision. After just two days, where one employee was less absent due to the ergonomic advantages of the erGO! clean system, made the decision easy for Head of Housekeeping Stephan Bentien. It was clear to him that his employees need to feel comfortable in order to be able to perform at their best. When deciding for the erGO! clean floor cleaning system, the primary concern was offering optimal working conditions for employees. The staff and housekeepers at Upstalsboom Wellness Resort Südstrand consistently give the erGO! clean marks of "very good". The resort also relies on UNGER products to clean its windows.

The outstanding ergonomics of the UNGER erGO! clean floor cleaning system was awarded the ECN Ergonomics Award in the hand-held tools/products category in the spring of 2019. In granting the award to UNGER, ECN noted: "The UNGER erGo! clean floor cleaning system is an outstanding product from an ergonomic perspective. The erGO! clean floor cleaning system significantly reduces the effort to make the figure-eight motion used in cleaning floors. The mop can be operated without much effort and relieves the shoulders and wrists as well as the back thanks to the ergonomic grip areas. In addition, important work functions are also integrated."

In addition, the UNGER erGO! clean floor cleaning system has received many other awards worldwide. This includes the seal of approval from Aktion Gesunder Rücken (AGR) e.V., a campaign for healthier backs made up of physicians, therapists, and occupational health care professionals. The UNGER ergo! clean performed excellently in AGR's tests and was the only one awarded. Other accolades include the INCLEAN Innovation Award from the jury of the ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene Expo in Sydney and the ISSA Innovation Award in the supplies and accessories category in Dallas. A study of the ergonomic properties of various floor cleaning systems done by the University of Siegen also gave top marks to the erGO! clean floor cleaning system.

Even the experienced housekeepers at Upstalsboom Wellness Resort Südstrand immediately found the product great and quickly recognised the benefits of the lower strength required and the individually height-adjustable handle. In addition, the mop can be replenished at any time on the spot with the tank. According to staff feedback, floor cleaning is much easier, faster, and less of a burden on their bodies.

To clean the floor areas in the lobby, restaurant, stairwells, corridors, and rooms, the resort has 12 to 13 employees working throughout the day. There is another dedicated team for the spa. They work according to a cleaning plan which places guest safety as the top priority. Accordingly, the stairwells are only wiped damp.

Each guest traverses the house about 10 to 12 times a day. With an average occupancy of 120 to 140 guests, which can triple in high season, the floors have to be cleaned between two and six times a day, depending on the weather and the traffic. One of the biggest issues is the sand, thanks to the resort's location right on the beach. The lobby and the restaurant bear the brunt of this. For the floor cleaning and dusting, various erGO! clean systems with tank and S-shaped handles as well as the erGO! clean system without tank with S-shaped handle, a 1-litre bottle, and pocket mop were purchased.

Head of Housekeeping Bentien is convinced by the overall UNGER erGO! clean concept, especially since employees intuitively understand how to use the technically sophisticated and high-quality system and its many advantages after just a short briefing. When asked whether he would recommend the erGO! clean floor cleaning system from UNGER, he answered: "Definitely yes!"

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