HydroPower EcoFlo


  • Automatically reduces the water flow
  • Fits any industry standard valves
  • Can be fittes, removed or replaced inside the water flow valve in seconds - simple
  • Compatible with all HydroPower DI Filters, regardless of size
  • Exclusively for HydroPower DI Filter
    Optimises water flow • Saves water • Extends DI resin lifetime and performance

    Depending on the pressure of the incoming water supply, using the HydroPower EcoFlo insert allows you to restrict the water flow to an optimum level of between 120 – 150 L per hour, which is ideal for regular glass cleaning.
    Optimising the water flow in this way allows you to use less pure water, extending the lifetime and performance of a single resin refill in the HydroPower DI Filters by at least 20%, without compromising the quality of your work.

  • 18839 - HydroPower EcoFlo