nLite Boarshair brush


Super light water fed brush with best cleaning power!

  • Best cleaning power as bristles clean with full bristle length
  • High quality boars bristles
  • For glass or flat surfaces
  • Superlight UNGER Brushes are designed to get into the smallest corners and effectively lift dirt from the surfaces with scrubbing action.
    Depending on the cleaning task, you can choose from universally applicable rectangular shaped brush or radius brush, designed for easy cleaning of sills and other angled objects.

    Brush Bristles types:

    • NATURAL BOAR BRISTLE: Coarse to the touch, naturally split along the length, each fibre cleans the surface with its entire body, effectively removing dirt from the tiniest of crevices.
    • POLYESTER BRISTLES: Lightweight and highly durable, with a choice of flagged or unflagged single strands.
    • YELLOW POLYESTER: featured on solar brushes, will remove even stubborn dirt yet are gentle enough not to damage delicate surface of the PV-/Solar panels.

  • NLE27 - 27 cm - nLite Boars Hair Brush

    NLE40 - 40 cm - nLite Boars Hair Brush