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Tips & Tricks

Insider tips for particularly stubborn dirt, the lighter trick for safety glass, and warm hands despite the winter cold: We show you the tricks of the pros, that make your everyday life easier and more efficient.

This is how to scrape

> Scrape glass properly

> Test the suitability of glass surfaces

> Preparation for glass cleaning

> Avoid damage by means of blade changes

> Remove stubborn dirt


How to recognise single pane safety glass

> A professional tip with the lighter trick

> How to quickly detect single pane safety glass

> The difference between singe pane safety glass and flat glass

> Check for production damage


Challenge: Slat cleaning

> Cleaning exterior blinds

> Advantages with pure water

> Working from the ground with water fed pole systems

> The right water fed brush gets the right result


Spring Clean: How to prepare your equipment for the new season

> Checklist: Testing of the pure water systems

> Correct servicing of the equipment after winter

> Good resin quality for thorough cleaning

> Do not forget the brushes: as even here dirt builds!


Watch out, winter is on its way! Follow these tips and you will be thoroughly prepared for the cold season.

Tip 1: Warm hands and good grip

Tip 2: Clean gutters

Tip 3: Change your squeegee rubber – from HARD to SOFT

Tip 4: Check your ...


The insider’s tip for fighting stubborn lime residues

Calcifications, soap and mineral residues, rust – we are sure that you have all come across these stubborn problems whilst window cleaning!


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