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> Window cleaning with pure water

> How to avoid limescale and streaks

> This is what I need for working with pure water

> Clean safely from the ground with pole systems

As a window and commercial cleaner, you face the daily challenge of achieving perfect window cleaning results. Of course, you have to have the right tools to get a shiny and streak-free result. With pure water sets you will be equipped for every situation.

When the water dries, streaks may become visible on the glass surfaces - with pure water this is a thing of the past. Deionisation (DI) has proven to be a particularly effective process to win the battle. For this reason, a DI pure water system is part of every effective pure water set. 

What makes a good set for window cleaning with pure water?

A complete pure water set consists of various components: a pure water filter, hose, water fed pole and extension pole, angle brush and angle adapter. Every component has its uses. However, only the interaction of them all leads to windows that shine with full lustre.

The sky is the limit with telescopic poles

If you clean large glass surfaces from the ground, the poles should be light and at the same time stable, so as not to be more of a burden. You can choose between different versions made of carbon, aluminium or glass fibre. Thanks to their telescopic design, they can be adjusted to the desired length within seconds. And if the range is not enough, extension poles will help you reach greater distances. It is so practical: To prevent unwanted twisting of the water-fed hose on the pole, it can be attached to it with clips. This also provides an enormous safety bonus, since the hose does not hit the facade or other glass panes. Therefore, damage is prevented.

Remove dirt from gaps effectively

The best tool to get into any corner easily is the water-fed angle brush. It is made of durable, resistant polyester bristles that easily and effectively remove surface dirt from large surfaces. When combined with an angle adapter, even hard to reach places are no longer a problem.

Depending on the experience and location another pure water set can be used. Ideal for beginners, advanced users and also professionals. 

What makes the perfect pure water set for you? Which buildings do you clean with pure water?
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