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How professionals clean: We introduce you to useful tools and applications for your daily work, explain important technologies for window and building cleaning, and regularly refresh your expert knowledge.

Microfiber window cleaning cloths: what to watch out for!

> How window cleaning cloths are made from microfiber

> These are the differences

> Water and stretch test: testing the quality of your microfiber cloth

> Checklist: what to watch out for

The dream team for window and building cleaning: pure water filters and water-fed poles

> What is pure water?

> Streak-free cleaning up to six storeys high

> Effective cleaning with pure water filters and water-fed poles

Stability and safety: taking cleaning to new heights with the right water-fed pole from UNGER

> Stable, therefore safer

> Clean windows, solar panels, and façades up to 20 m (67 feet) high

> The tensile strength guarantees the pole's stability

> The right water-fed pole for each application

Not all water-fed brushes are the same

> What you need to know about water-fed brushes

> The role played by the material, weight, width, hardness, and the nozzles when it comes to cleaning

> Find the right water-fed brush with the Pure Water configurator

How are poles produced?

> Why are water-fed poles so sturdy?

> Composite materials ensure high material quality

> How fibre and resin systems are turned into a pole

> Combination of crosswise and lengthwise fibres for flexibility and stability

Combat limescale and streaks on glass surfaces

> Window cleaning with pure water

> How to avoid limescale and streaks

> This is what I need for working with pure water

> Clean safely from the ground with pole systems

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