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How professionals clean: We introduce you to useful tools and applications for your daily work, explain important technologies for window and building cleaning, and regularly refresh your expert knowledge.

Pros placing their bets on the “Dog Earring”

A trend has firmly established itself amongst professional window cleaners: they are single-handedly bending the ends of their squeegee channels downwards with a pair of tongs to improve their performance.


Good things never go out of fashion – the chamois

It is not only grandmas and moms who swear by tried-and-tested products – genuine professionals do, too! The versatile chamois, for example, is not only an efficient cleaning tool, but it is also extremely durable if it is looked after properly.


What actually is a TDS-meter?

Pure water is water without minerals. It is physically processed in order to remove minerals, which leave unsightly traces of lime and streaks on the window surface. You can test the quality of water using a TDS-meter.


What is Low-E glass?

In order to minimise energy loss through windows and facades, so-called Low-E glass is nowadays being used on a standard basis. Low-E is the abbreviation of low-emissivity glass.


Safety glass: first recognize, then clean properly

Wherever impact resistance and safety are of utmost importance, it is a good idea to use tempered safety glass (TSG) and laminated safety glass (LSG).