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How professionals clean: We introduce you to useful tools and applications for your daily work, explain important technologies for window and building cleaning, and regularly refresh your expert knowledge.

Ultimate rigidity, yet super lightweight: how is that possible?

> The role of stability and weight with water-fed poles

> The higher the GPa value, the more stable the pole

> The higher you work, the lighter your poles need to be

> UNGER puts the right water-fed pole for every situation into your hands

UNGER ErgoTec: the product revolution of “Mr Window Cleaner”

> What Henry Unger envisioned

> Cleaning tools for professionals

> ErgoTec: the history of a window squeegee

> New: these are the latest improvements

Winter is coming: keep a firm grip on poles and window squeegees even in the cold

> A firm grip in winter

> How to keep a good grip on the pole

> Warm fingers and a firm grip, even when working with water

> Neoprene gloves: what to consider when buying

How to achieve a professional floor coating job in a single pass

> Floor coating as an interesting application

> Work more efficiently with the erGO! wax floor finishing system

> Why floor coating is advantageous

> Professional floor coating with only one person

Microfiber window cleaning cloths: what to watch out for!

> How window cleaning cloths are made from microfiber

> These are the differences

> Water and stretch test: testing the quality of your microfiber cloth

> Checklist: what to watch out for

The dream team for window and building cleaning: pure water filters and water-fed poles

> What is pure water?

> Streak-free cleaning up to six storeys high

> Effective cleaning with pure water filters and water-fed poles

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