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How professionals clean: We introduce you to useful tools and applications for your daily work, explain important technologies for window and building cleaning, and regularly refresh your expert knowledge.

Ergonomic indoor window cleaning up to five metres working height

> NEW: Stingray complete set for indoor window cleaning

> Outstanding ergonomic features

> 25 percent faster indoor window cleaning

> 39 percent less cleaning agent


6 steps to your individual pure water system

> Working with pure water is the trend

> How to find the right products

> External factors play a role

> Practical tool: UNGER pure water configurator

> Put together an individual pure water system


Today’s trend: intuitive cleaning tools

> Intuitive tools - increased productivity

> Ready-to-go product solutions

> Ergonomic indoor window and floor cleaning

> Minimise training effort

> Save time and costs


Better grip on the pole

> Start of the pure water season

> Working with water fed poles

> Sweaty hands in the summer

> Gloves for better grip


Microfibre - the all-rounder against dirt

> The production of microfibre

> Properties and special features

> Advantages for cleaning

> Tips & tricks


Cleaning solar systems

> Cleaning solar and photovoltaic systems

> Significant increase in efficiency through perfect cleanliness

> Use of water fed telescopic pole systems

> Perfect results with pure water


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