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How professionals clean: We introduce you to useful tools and applications for your daily work, explain important technologies for window and building cleaning, and regularly refresh your expert knowledge.

Always the right scraper at hand

> Scrapers: in every professional's basic kit

> Remove adhesive, mortar, and paint splashes easily and effectively

> Always the right scraper at hand with UNGER

> Prevent unwanted scratches

HydroPower EcoFlo: small change, big effect!

> How to save resin and water

> How to get the most out of your HydroPower DI system

> EcoFlo: The secret behind the water optimizer

> Easy to use and ready in seconds

Ultimate rigidity, yet super lightweight: how is that possible?

> The role of stability and weight with water-fed poles

> The higher the GPa value, the more stable the pole

> The higher you work, the lighter your poles need to be

> UNGER puts the right water-fed pole for every situation into your hands

UNGER ErgoTec: the product revolution of “Mr Window Cleaner”

> What Henry Unger envisioned

> Cleaning tools for professionals

> ErgoTec: the history of a window squeegee

> New: these are the latest improvements

Winter is coming: keep a firm grip on poles and window squeegees even in the cold

> A firm grip in winter

> How to keep a good grip on the pole

> Warm fingers and a firm grip, even when working with water

> Neoprene gloves: what to consider when buying

How to achieve a professional floor coating job in a single pass

> Floor coating as an interesting application

> Work more efficiently with the erGO! wax floor finishing system

> Why floor coating is advantageous

> Professional floor coating with only one person

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