Study shows: UNGER erGO! clean minimises absenteeism due to illness

> Cleaning staff: at high risk for physical illnesses

> Less pollution with UNGER floor cleaning system

> 37 out of 40 love the S-shape of the erGO! clean

Carrying a bucket, frequent bending over, lifting and carrying heavy objects, pain in the wrists: you name it, a cleaner's work can be physically intensive. And when your muscles ache, you're less productive and miss more work. Ergonomic products quickly pay for themselves if daily cleaning is a part of your work. A scientific study has now also shown that this is the case.

Strains on shoulders, back, arms, and wrists are all everyday occurrences in the life of a cleaner. How much these affect you and your risks for developing chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system can be influenced by your choice of cleaning equipment. The University of Siegen addressed this very topic in a scientific study in the ergonomic quality of floor cleaning systems. After a thorough evaluation of the results, the erGO! clean floor cleaning system from UNGER emerged as the clear winner.

Less strain on the musculoskeletal system with erGO! clean

During the study, 40 test subjects intensively tested the various cleaning systems four hours each. A total of 360 m² (3,875 sq. ft.) of floor space was cleaned by each subject. In order to collect meaningful scientific data, the electrical activity of each subject's muscles was measured during each cleaning process.
The result: all groups showed less strain using the erGO! clean system than the floor cleaning systems of two other well-known manufacturers. 

  • There was significantly less deflection in the wrists with the erGO! clean than with the other floor cleaning systems.
  • The swivel-mounted grip prevents unfavourable joint positions up to the limits of the wrist's range of movement.
  • Minimal effort was required to move the erGO! clean across the floor.

All of these aspects demonstrate the convincing advantages of UNGER's floor cleaning system: intuitive ergonomic handling and the prevention of heavy physical strain. The S-shape of the telescopic handle, which was judged to be particularly advantageous by 37 of the 40 test persons, is mainly responsible for this.

You too can benefit from the ergonomic advantages of the erGO! clean floor cleaning system and prevent downtime. Find out more at.

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