Ergonomic and efficient: UNGER erGO! clean is #1

> Sabine R. Mück (HyCo Mück): fewer work-related injuries thanks to intuitive, user-friendly handling

> UNGER partnership with the University of Siegen and Velamed: studies prove the efficient and ergonomic advantages of the erGO! clean floor cleaning system

> sarikohn reports: cover more square feet in less time and therefore lower labour costs

> The first and only S-shaped telescopic handle to be awarded the AGR seal of approval

In addition to creating high-quality, efficient, and innovative products with added value, ergonomic handling of cleaning equipment has always been a central topic for UNGER. This is particularly evident in the development of new cleaning solutions such as the erGO! clean floor cleaning system. Its ergonomic and economic advantages have been repeatedly confirmed by experts and studies.

The erGO! clean floor cleaning system from UNGER is the only one of its kind. Unlike conventional floor cleaning systems, it is always ready for use thanks to its detachable tank. It's also impressively ergonomic and intuitive to use: perfect for spontaneous spot cleaning.

Ergonomic and intuitive

To perform the S-movement required for effective cleaning, slightly moving the body instinctively with the rotating S-shaped telescopic handle of the erGO! clean is all you need to make figure-eights across any floor in no time. An additional plus: the work requires less effort. In addition to its lightweight design, the erGO! clean floor cleaning system offers stability and functionality: the height of the handle can be quickly and easily adjusted from 130 to 170 cm to match the individual height of the user. This helps prevent work-related injuries and back pain. This was confirmed by Sabine R. Mück, Hygiene Consultant at HyCo Mück, in an interview with clean-magazine: "Typical injuries caused by wear-and-tear of the joints such as the shoulder or wrists can be significantly reduced with ergonomic cleaning systems and correct application."

Studies and tests show: erGO! clean combines the highest ergonomics with maximum efficiency

In cooperation with Velamed and the University of Siegen, UNGER has carried out an extensive study with realistic tests to investigate the ergonomic advantages of erGO! clean in everyday use. To this end, electrodes and sensors were applied to test subjects to record how they moved as they worked and to measure the force required to move the mop. Result: working with erGO! clean is ergonomic, efficient, and intuitive.

This was also confirmed by an independent report prepared by consulting and training company sarikohn (F.Sarikaya & T.Kohn GbR). Its studies prove that the erGO! clean floor cleaning system can increase the area covered by a worker in a given day by up to 76%. According to the report, this results in an extra 34.5 minutes in an eight-hour work day for other quality-enhancing measures.

AGR seal of approval for erGO! clean

In addition to scientific studies and expert opinions, the seal of approval from Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V., a German association advocating for back health, also shows the numerous ergonomic advantages of erGO! clean. In particular: After intensive tests by doctors and therapists, UNGER's floor cleaning system was the first and only S-shaped telescopic handle to be awarded the seal.

Experts are convinced: erGO! clean is efficient, ergonomic, and intuitive. Take advantage of the benefits for your company and find out more.

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