Cleaning with pure water for better results in less time

Glass and facade cleaning with pure water systems from UNGER


We also asked our Director of Advanced Technologies, Kai Hirsch:

Where does cleaning with pure water make good sense?

Kai Hirsch: Applications are wherever there are smooth surfaces that need to be cleaned. For example, windows, smooth facades, photovoltaic systems, signs, or bus stops.


Where does the pure water method reach its limits?

Kai Hirsch: This is the case when fats and oils come into play. At airports, for example, cleaning with pure water is not recommended because of the jet fuel residue. For coarse, hard-adhering soiling, such as bird droppings, a preliminary thorough cleaning is recommended. The maintenance cleaning can then be done regularly with pure water. Since working with pure water means not using any additives, the pure water method is unsuitable for freezing temperatures.


Is there a golden rule for working with pure water?

Kai Hirsch: The following has proven itself as a golden rule: don't rush it and be thorough; it always pays off in the end. The time savings compared to the traditional cleaning method remains immense.


Where and how do you use pure water cleaning?

Let us know by posting a comment. We look forward to hearing from you!

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