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Ergonomic and efficient: erGO! clean convinces users

> 40% of cleaners complain of pain*

> Minimise downtime and costs considerably

> Study proves erGO! clean is #1 in user test

> 77.5% of the participants prefer erGO! clean from UNGER over the competition

Study shows: UNGER erGO! clean minimises absenteeism due to illness

> Cleaning staff: at high risk for physical illnesses

> Less pollution with UNGER floor cleaning system

> 37 out of 40 love the S-shape of the erGO! clean

Fulfilling your commitments to quality and cleanliness

> Hygiene central issue in responsibility for quality building cleaning

> Germ build-up by textiles repeatedly used in different ways

> Changing cleaning cloths too infrequently leads to poor cleaning results

> Colour-coding helps distinguish between different applications

Demo days: a perfect time to check out the latest products

> discover innovations and give products a try

> Glass and Building Cleaners Forum 2018 in Fürstenfeld, Germany

> What experiences have you had with demo days?

Ergonomic and efficient: UNGER erGO! clean is #1

> Sabine R. Mück (HyCo Mück): fewer work-related injuries thanks to intuitive, user-friendly handling

> UNGER partnership with the University of Siegen and Velamed: studies prove the efficient and ergonomic advantages of the erGO! clean floor cleaning system

> sarikohn reports: cover more square feet in less time and therefore lower labour costs

> The first and only S-shaped telescopic handle to be awarded the AGR seal of approval

The Sarikohn report confirms: more efficient cleaning by means of the erGO! clean floor cleaning system

 > An independent report confirms the efficiency of the erGO! clean floor cleaning system

> 76 percent more area coverage for spot cleaning

> 34.5 minutes time saving and more working time for quality enhancing measures

> Evaluations of the report at a glance

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