"Housekeeping is the foundation"

> Floor cleaning in a 4-star superior resort

> Highest hygiene standards

> In-between cleaning

> Motivated employees

> Save time and energy

In the hospitality industry, a good image is a prerequisite for satisfied guests that will return time and again. This is only possible with exacting standards for hygiene and highly trained personnel. One example is the resort at Der Öschberghof. The housekeeping staff there relies on the erGO! clean floor cleaning system from UNGER to handle 7,500 m² (81,000 sq. ft.) of floor space faster and more ergonomically than before.

Not far from the Black Forest, the Öschberghof, which opened in 1974, is popular with more than wellness and golf fans. Meetings and weddings are also held in this classy setting, with the result being a high occupancy rate. For head housekeeper Astrid Schweizer-Engesser, the resort's cleanliness is the main factor for guest satisfaction, making her team the resort's most important: "Housekeeping is the foundation. If that's good, the entire facility is good."

Since the first impression not only determines whether guests feel comfortable in the hotel, but also influences the entire stay, the cleaning in the lobby, corridors, lifts, and rooms must be absolutely thorough and impeccable, if also flexible. It is also important for the guests to see the housekeepers at work. "This shows initiative and, above all, creates trust," emphasises Schweizer-Engesser.

Floor cleaning at the highest level

The highly frequented floor areas at Resort Öschberghof are cleaned several times a day. Surfaces include carpeting, hardwoods, tiles, and laminates. The use of professional cleaning tools for flexible cleaning done on-the-spot and on employee initiative is very important. "The erGO! clean floor cleaning system from UNGER makes cleaning work much easier," says Schweizer-Engesser. "We use the erGO! S-shaped telescopic handle together with the 0.5 litre tank. Currently, we use it to clean laminate and hardwood floors. The challenge is that we need different mop heads for different floorings, either microfibre or cotton. The handle must therefore be compatible with both. The erGO! S-shaped telescopic handle meets that need. A decisive reason why we chose this tool."

What also convinced them when working with the erGO! clean floor cleaning system: since the cleaning agent can be precisely dosed, both hardwood and laminate floors are prevented from getting too wet. This leads to better results, which the guests notice, of course. They are also no longer irritated by running into buckets, since the erGO! clean floor cleaning system doesn't need them. The erGO! tank with the pulse-jet unit makes the UNGER erGO! clean ready to go on the double.

Employees accepted the new tool right away. Before, they were still using a double-bucket system, recalls Schweizer-Engesser. "This took a long time to prepare and required lots of bending down. Since cleaning the floor surfaces takes several hours a day for each housekeeper, a system was needed that would be healthier for the body. The ergonomic S-shaped telescopic handle prevents incorrect postures in the locomotor system and the system is intuitive to operate.

Schweizer-Engesser got exactly the right cleaning tool for the results she needs because she worked closely with Lothar Rosenstiel, a specialist for cleaning and hygiene management and manager of Quattländer, a cleaning supply company.

Benefit from the advantages of the erGO! clean floor cleaning system! Find out more at www.ungerglobal.com/ergoclean and take the cleaning of your hotel's floors to the next level.

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