Food service industry: keeping glass and mirror surfaces from becoming unappetising

> Cleaning inside glass at fast food restaurants

> If the image is right, guests will come again

> Efficient use of tight timeframes for professional cleaning

> Clean quickly, safely, and streak-free with UNGER Stingray

Fast food restaurants are visited by thousands of people every day. The time windows for professional cleaning are extremely short. At the same time, dirt residues such as fingerprints or grease stains on glass surfaces can be quite difficult to remove and are a challenge for the personnel. The solution: The UNGER Stingray makes this task quick, safe, and streak-free, and is also great for touch-ups in-between. 

Why the image must be right

Even if they are served in no time at all, guests should feel comfortable in fast food restaurants for their entire stay. That's why it's important that the store always be in tip-top shape and hygienically impeccable. In short, the image must be right. Not an easy task! A food service establishment sees hundreds of people pass through its doors each day, touching glass, mirror, and window surfaces. This not only leads to unattractive fingerprints, but also to fat and bacterial residues. To keep up that essential image of cleanliness, it is important that the glass inside the restaurant can be cleaned even during peak times, in addition to a thorough general cleaning at the end of each day. And doing it without disturbing the guests or endangering their health.

Spot cleaning: faster and safer

For this purpose UNGER has developed the Stingray system. This system allows glass, mirror, and window surfaces to be cleaned faster and more effectively than with a spray bottle and cloth. And this thanks to the flexible Easy-Click poles even at heights of up to five metres. One big advantage: UNGER Stingray is instantly ready and intuitive to use, so employees understand the product and how to use it right away. Working with the Stingray system also offers advantages in terms of health protection and occupational safety. Both users and restaurant visitors are not endangered by cleaning chemicals. An embedded and shielded spray mechanism reliably protects against inhalation of the spray mist and prevents chemicals from being released freely into the air or depositing on surfaces. 

How to ensure safety and hygiene in critical environments with UNGER Stingray, read here

Take advantage of the numerous advantages of this flexible cleaning tool for the food service industry to clean inside glass surfaces here.

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