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How do I advise clients properly? How do you actually become an industrial climber? And what should I look out for as a trainee? We provide valuable information for your profession and company that goes beyond cleaning products and equipment.

Cleanliness and hygiene thanks to glass and building cleaners

> International day of commercial cleaning

> Glass and commercial cleaning is the largest employing trade

> We want to hear your stories


Glass and building cleaner - a perfect job!

 > The glass and building cleaner profession

> This is how the training is done

> I need these prerequisites

> Why do you love your job?


Future trend: The hotel as a multi-centre

> The hotel of the future

> Guests look for places to relax

> Hygiene comes into focus

> Flexible cleaning solutions


Trend: “Cleaning on demand“ in the food service sector

> Cleaning on demand

> In-between cleaning

> On demand systems

> Cleaning tools can be used directly


Ensuring safety and hygiene in critical environments

> Hygiene regulations in the food service sector

> Food safety

> Cleaning tools for surfaces, floors and glass

> The HACCP concept


Hygiene in the hotel and hospitality industry: Top subject in social networks

>Hygiene is the most important criterion for 97% of guests*

>Even small amounts of dirt are remembered

>Guests as influencers on review portals

>Good reviews thanks to UNGER products


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