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How do I advise clients properly? How do you actually become an industrial climber? And what should I look out for as a trainee? We provide valuable information for your profession and company that goes beyond cleaning products and equipment.

Your unique selling proposition: how to stand out from the competition

> What does "USP" actually mean?

> Why you need to stand out from the competition

> The USP principle

> Tips and tricks: These are possible unique selling propositions

Facility management: meeting two goals for the price of one

> Sustainability and cost efficiency in window and building cleaning

> Take advantage of the potential savings offered by innovative cleaning solutions

> Indoor window cleaning: fewer chemicals, top results

> The perfect solution for you

Interview with an apprenticeship trainer: "The inner attitude must be right."

> What matters when training as a window and building cleaner, according to an experienced trainer

> Mastering the interview

> The personality traits needed for success as a window glass and building cleaner

> What apprentices ought to know

Food service industry: keeping glass and mirror surfaces from becoming unappetising

> Cleaning inside glass at fast food restaurants

> If the image is right, guests will come again

> Efficient use of tight timeframes for professional cleaning

> Clean quickly, safely, and streak-free with UNGER Stingray

Building management: Investing in your image

> Tips from the experts

> Maintenance as an important image factor

> Why investing in professional cleaning solutions pays off

> Reducing downtime and costs

> Professional expertise is extremely important

Bon appétit: why floor cleaning is so important for dining establishments

> Hygiene in catering establishments

> Cleanliness while considering workflows and guest comfort

> Quick cleaning during service thanks to an innovative floor cleaning system

> Efficient cleaning results, satisfied customers

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