In action

Everyone’s got a good story to tell: The client that left you speechless, particularly impressive cleaning jobs, or simply a small anecdote from the professional life of window and building cleaners. This is where your very own personal stories will find a place!

Pay attention to what you wear

> Workwear need to be ergonomic and durable

> Uniform design as marketing strategy

> Do you provide your own work clothes each day or are you provided with a uniform?

Do you individualise your work materials?

> Everyday items that stand out

> How to individualise your working materials and why

> Do you give your work materials a personal touch?

Making the dirty clean: show us your cleaning success stories

> Demanding cleaning tasks

> What challenge have you mastered?

>Send us your before & after shots

The Swedes are into pure water "to go"

> Flexible transport

> Efficient glass cleaning

> Stay competitive

> Clean safely from the ground

Which buildings do you clean?

> Unusual locations

> The properties you clean

> Famous buildings

> Glass- and commercial cleaning

A glass palace fit for real Vikings

> A cleaning object in a class of its own: The U.S. Bank Stadium

> 18,581 square metres of glass surface

> The five largest glass doors in the world

> Innovative glass cleaning tool

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