In action

Everyone’s got a good story to tell: The client that left you speechless, particularly impressive cleaning jobs, or simply a small anecdote from the professional life of window and building cleaners. This is where your very own personal stories will find a place!

Cleaning glass above towering mountains of waste

There is glass to be cleaned in the widest range of places… And even at a waste cogeneration power station.
In his fascinating reader submission, Marcel Kennel explained exactly how he cleans glass at heights of up to 21 meters above tons and tons of waste.


You have nerves of steel!

Dizzying heights and challenging cleaning tasks are no problem for you guys – as demonstrated by the various submissions and comments that we have received on Facebook. Wow, we are truly impressed!


Have your clients had you shaking your head in amazement?

If you work as a service provider, you are bound to experience rather a lot. Do you have any funny, annoying or downright crazy stories to tell from your relations with certain clients? Fire away!


“We window cleaners are a special species!”

Rounding up a couple of window and building cleaning colleagues and recreating an iconic image from the 1950s – that was the idea of Andreas Nissen.


He cleans where no-one else dare go!

Daringly leaping over rooftops, fearlessly abseiling down glass buildings and cleaning windows at lofty heights without getting dizzy. Who would voluntarily do such a thing?!


“Paraiso” short film: cleaning at dizzying heights

Three Mexican immigrants, Chicago’s tallest skyscrapers and a whole lot of courage – they are the secret ingredients of the award-winning short film “Paraiso” which you can now watch on YouTube.