The all new nLITE waterfed pole system

A Milestone for Pure Water Window Cleaning

It's high time to take cleaning with pure water to a new dimension and era.

It's time to invent a whole new form of telescopic waterfed pole technology.

It's time for a game changer.

In March 2021, a new era in pure water cleaning begins:


UNGER is now setting aside the achievements of the past and is once again proving its unconditional will, innovative pioneering spirit, and courageous foresight.

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You can look forward to numerous features such as:

PrecisionGrip pole shape

  • High transmission of the user's strength: Thanks to the innovative pole shape, you will need to put in less strength while performing every movement easily and ergonomically
  • More precise control: The contact surfaces created by the shape of the pole optimally adapted to your hand give you precise control of your cleaning movements
  • Work without interruptions: The pole shape does not rotate or twist: just do your work without having to stop and reorient the pole

In short: The unique nLITE pole shape enables more precise and faster work and therefore truly brilliant cleaning results!

Outstanding down to the last detail: a fully optimized brush concept prepares you for almost any challenge.

  • Clever water distribution system
  • Innovative bristle technology
  • Precision cleaning down to the last corner
  • Ultimate cleaning performance for perfect results

Power Bristle Technology

  • Inner bristles with extremely high cleaning performance, comparable to natural hair bristles
  • Longer outer bristles for easy gliding: no more annoying jumping of the brush

Swivel Lock

You've never cleaned faster and more precisely down to the last corner: the swivel function is a completely new way of cleaning with pure water up to the first floor (6 m). Open the SwivelLock and experience the advantages:

  • The brush socked, which can be swivelled freely through 180°, enables the surface to be cleaned with an S movement with the brush touching down over the entire surface
  • Enlarges the work area, ideal for cleaning from boom lifts or gondolas

Rinse Bar

This special flushing nozzle bar is attached above the brush and delivers the right amount of pure water exactly where it is needed for powerful rinsing of the cleaned surface - surface - more effective than ever before!

  • Ideal in connection with the swivel function
  • Water jets from the nozzle block built into the middle of the brush ensure powerful dirt removal

Soft Touch Bumper

The edge protection made of soft plastic:

  • Safe protection against scratches and other damage to window frames
  • Significant noise reduction when coming into contact with parts of the building

Smart Lock clamps and integrated hose management!

During development, we literally looked over your fingers and developed the perfect solution:

Integrated hose management

  • Internal routing of the new, highly flexible DuroFlex hose in the telescopic pole for trouble-free work on windows and facades.
  • Complete flexibility: external routing possible thanks to optional nLite clips.

SmartLock clamps

  • Easy and quick to close with just one finger
  • Robust 2C material
  • Clamp mechanism that protects the carbon material and ensures a long service life for the pole
  • Extension stop prevents pulling out pole elements too far

High-end Carbon materials

The completely new telescopic waterfed pole system is made of high-quality carbon materials that differ depending on the pole and provides the perfect balance between minimum weight and maximum stability so you can clean efficiently and effectively in every situation.

Ultra-lightweight. Extremely durable. Four choices of carbon:

  • CARBON COMPOSITE: High quality mix of carbon and glass fibres
  • CARBON 24K: Premium carbon fibres in a unique weave of 24,000 fibres per bundle
  • HiMod CARBON: Premium carbon fibres with extreme rigidity and high resilience
  • Ultra HiMod CARBON: Specially woven high-end carbon fibres with 30% greater stiffness than HiMod Carbon for particularly tall working heights

More stable. Higher, More Precise. WOW!

The innovative nLITE telescopic pole system consists of a six-part main pole that is perfectly suited for a working height of 10 metres. Depending on the needs and the model, you can easily extend the main pole with up to four extension poles – for excellent cleaning at heights never reached before!

An overview of our unique waterfed telescopic pole system:

Main telescopic pole

  • Consists of six parts – for trouble-free working without twisting
  • Length 8.6 m (collapsed 1.7 m) – ideal for cleaning work up to the 2nd floor
  • Optimum diameter – pleasantly ergonomic to use
  • Can be extended with extension poles (CARBON 24K, HiMod CARBON, Ultra HiMod CARBON)

Telescopic extension pole

  • Consists of two parts – with a simple telescopic extension
  • Length 3.2 m (collapsed 1.8 m) – each for one additional floor
  • Depending on the model, up to four extension poles can be used – for working heights of up to 22 metres
  • Constant diameter of each section

Unprecedented dimensions in window cleaning

The pole lengths offered by the all new nLite system have been created and optimised for your everyday work.

From now on, you can easily think of how many floors' you can clean.

  • The telescopic main pole now measures 8.6 m, so it extends to the 2nd floor. Each extension pole offers exactly the additional length to take you up another storey (3.05 m).
  • For use in less high buildings or with a boom lift, we have the right solution for you with telescopic poles ranging from 1.6 m to 6 m in length.
  • UNGER guarantees the best possible premium quality in each of the 4 material classes used and thus the perfect solution for every working height.

Modular Angle Adapter System: Clean hard-to-reach places

Whether conservatories or overhanging facade elements – even areas that are hard to reach can be cleaned effortlessly with the nLITE angle adapter system. You can easily adjust the modular angle adapter individually for you. In this way you will have the perfect angle for every application!

A modular angle system which can be combined with four individual elements to make many variants.

Choose from three pre-configured angle adapter sets according to your needs:

  • Angle adapter set S: Pole adapter and brush adapter, 15 cm
  • Angle adapter set M: Pole adapter, brush adapter and angle element, 42 cm
  • Angle adapter set L: Pole adapter, brush adapter and angle element, 82 cm