OptiLoc pole, 3 sections

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Telescopic pole with ErgoTec Locking Cone.

  • 3 section telescopic pole
  • Available in 6 different lengths
  • Reach in excess of 9 m (30 ft) (max. pole length 9 m (30 ft) + body height)
  • ErgoTec Locking Cone included
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The OptiLoc telescopic pole for professional window cleaners

The UNGER OptiLoc telescopic pole is perfect for cleaning specialists who want to clean large areas at height and want ease of use. The ergonomic 2K handles and rotary or quick-release fasteners of the telescopic pole for window cleaning are particularly comfortable to hold, even when your hands are wet or damp. Thanks to the ErgoTec safety cone, all UNGER cleaning tools for classic window cleaning can be combined with the OptiLoc aluminium telescopic poles. Reach heights of up to 10 m in no time thanks to the telescopic poles.

Working at height: Professional telescopic pole for window cleaning

The OptiLoctelescopic pole consists of two or three pole elements. The two-piece OptiLoc poles are available in lengths of 1.25-6 m, while the three-piece poles are available in lengths of 1.85-9 m. Simply adjust the length of the professional telescopic pole using the 2-component twist locks. The handle of the aluminium pole is also made of non-slip 2K material. New optical markings on the screw caps also make them easier to use.

Balance matters: The weight and rigidity of the made-in-Germany UNGER telescopic pole are perfectly balanced, which makes them particularly stable. The anti-slip end cap ensures that you can place the pole securely against the wall without it slipping. The standard integrated ErgoTec safety cone facilitates the changing of tools and prevents them from falling or twisting off.

No ladder needed: Safe window cleaning with the telescopic pole

UNGER recommends working from the ground whenever possible. Thanks to the telescopic pole for window cleaners, you can now keep your feet firmly on the ground while you work, as well as saving money on ladders and risers. And unlike ladders, the retracted telescopic poles can be transported safely and easily in a car or van.

You too can rely on OptiLoc’s safe telescopic poles and easily clean windows and facades at heights of up to 10 m with your feet still firmly on the ground.

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1,85 m

3,75 m

4,50 m

6,00 m

7,50 m

9,00 m

1,25 m

2,50 m

3,00 m

4,00 m

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10,00 m

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