UNGER Black Series Limited Edition

Powerful and professional window cleaning

Real professionals clean with UNGER products. The high quality and innovative development of tools and cleaning agents make UNGER the #1 choice when it comes to cleaning glass surfaces. With the unique Black Series Limited Edition, we've gone one step further: our top-selling window cleaning products are now available in a strictly limited special edition featuring a breath-taking design.

The Black Series Limited Edition: Unique. Strong. UNGER.

Let it shine: unique products for professional glass cleaning

You will find everything you need for professional glass cleaning in the Black Series from UNGER. The products in this window cleaning kit have once again been improved and are now available in an absolutely premium quality. The Black Series is strong against dirt and efficient to handle. Improved materials increase the useful life of the products and reduce the volume of cleaning agents and water you need to use. In addition, and even better than this, the Black Series simply looks cool. The stylish black & green design with the elegant, laser-engraved campaign logo is guaranteed to leave an impression, just like the cleaning power of the Black Series itself.

All products are also available as a UNGER Black Series window cleaning kit!

Convince yourself of the power and charisma of the Black Series Limited Edition!

All Black Series products for window cleaning

UNGER Black Series Window Cleaning Kit

All power products of the limited special edition are also available in the exclusive Limited Black Series Edition window cleaning kit! The practical 18-litre bucket is only available when you purchase the kit. All Limited Edition products are black and green with the campaign logo for a look that is just as powerful as the performance of UNGER tools.

  • Black Series ErgoTec Squeegee, 35cm
  • Black Series ErgoTec Washer, 35cm
  • Black Series Power Liquid, 1 l
  • Black Series Bucket, 18 l

UNGER Black Series ErgoTec window squeegee

The UNGER Black Series ErgoTec window squeegee reveals the extent of its power on smooth surfaces and is therefore ideal for cleaning windows and mirrors. Thanks to the ergonomically shaped two-component handle, the squeegee fits comfortably in your hand and protects your joints. The action rail with power squeegee rubber from the limited special edition ensures streak-free glass cleaning at its best.

  • Ergonomic two-component handle in exclusive black with laserengraved campaign logo
  • Limited-edition pole with green power squeegee blade
  • Inc. green power squeegee rubber

UNGER Black Series Power squeegee rubber

Streak-free window cleaning: the Power Squeegee Rubber of the Black Series Limited Edition guarantees a smooth, streak-free finish. The cleaning rubber is ideal for year-round use. It has particularly good sliding properties and durability. UNGER Black Series Power squeegee rubber is available in lengths of 35 and 45 cm.

  • Green power squeegee rubber with outstanding sliding ability
  • Medium SHORE hardness - for year-round use
  • Streak-free results
  • Reliable, long-lasting
  • Professional quality – Made in Europe

UNGER Black Series Power washer sleeve

The power washer sleeve made of microfibre has the ultimate UNGER cleaning power, allowing cleaning agents to be applied quickly and efficiently to smooth surfaces. The power washer sleeve in the limited Black Series absorbs 20% more liquid than conventional microfibre covers. This saves water and ultimately costs when cleaning windows. The power sleeve with scrubbing pad can be easily laundered in a washing machine and then placed in the dryer.

  • 20% higher water absorption than standard microfibre sleeves
  • Ergonomic two-component carrier part in exclusive black
  • Power microfibre sleeve with scrubbing pad for ultimate cleaning power
  • Machine washable & tumble dry

UNGER Black Series Power Liquid

Efficient in cleaning, gentle on the environment, and easy to use: UNGER Black Series Power Liquid. The professional window cleaning detergent for brilliant results. The reason is the new power formula: the foam stays on the surface longer, allowing it to develop its full cleaning power. The Power Liquid is particularly economical: dilute in water at a ratio of 1:100 and start cleaning glass surfaces like a professional.

  • Power formula with extended foam life
  • Professional window cleaning soap with high productivity (concentrate 1:100)
  • Power formula with ultimate cleaning power for streak-free results

Unique in look and quality! Get the professional products in the UNGER Black Series Limited Edition. Only while stocks last!

Unique. Strong. UNGER.