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Nifty Nabber, Strip T'z or Swivel Loc - Do you know what is behind these names? They are all cleaning tools that UNGER has developed over the last 50 years. A look back.

When Henry M. Unger moved from America to Germany in 1964, he had only one dream: To establish the innovative window cleaning tools from the United States also in Europe. Together with his wife Barbara he founded the company UNGER in a top floor apartment in Hamburg. A little later, the move to Solingen and the opening of their own production facility took place. 

The breakthrough

With success: The breakthrough came in 1966 with the UNGER S-squeegee. Made of stainless steel instead of brass, it was impressive with its clever spring mechanism for the effortless replacement of channels and rubbers. The high quality squeegee handle with a rubber coating ensured that the window cleaning process was much easier even in icy temperatures.

Clever product solutions

The fact that Henry always kept an eye out for the concerns of the professionals meant that the young entrepreneur did not miss anything and could use this practical knowledge intelligently in product development.
Additionally, he also recognised that ergonomics was playing an increasingly important role in daily work and that he had to come up with new, more user friendly solutions: That was the birth of the ErgoTec squeegee.
With this ergonomic handle, the rubber was embedded in a plastic handle, making it more practical and much lighter.


Other innovations that you probably all know were the PRO squeegee, the OptiLoc telescopic pole system or the MicroStrip washers and MicroWipe microfibre cloths.
Even today, it is close to UNGER’s heart to make your job easier, safer and more effective. The latest milestones in UNGER history were created through close cooperation with the users, such as the ErgoTec Ninja window squeegee, the HydroPower DI pure water systems or the nLite waterfed poles. Add to all of those the erGO! floor cleaning system with a telescopic handle for ergonomic floor cleaning, as well as the Stingray for indoor window cleaning. Only by means of your feedback will we be able to continue the original idea of ​​Henry Unger in the future.

Now you are being asked!

Do you still own an old UNGER window cleaning tool? Which was your first UNGER tool?
Write to us or send us your photos - as a comment, on Facebook or by email to
We look forward to your feedback and hope to receive news about some exciting relics from the history of UNGER.

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