Safe working without spray mist

> Safe in-between cleaning of glass interior surfaces

> Avoid spray mist

> Save costs on cleaning agents

> Wellbeing of the customers

Super clean glass interior surfaces in restaurants are important. Even with fast in-between cleaning the focus is on food safety and the wellbeing of customers. With the UNGER Stingray indoor window cleaning system, glass surfaces are cleaned quickly and safely, without any spray mist.

Restaurant customers expect spotlessly clean surfaces and of course, safe, unencumbered mealtimes. If these factors are not guaranteed, they will most likely not return for another visit and will not recommend the restaurant to others. Conventional equipment for interior glass cleaning often releases cleaning agents in the form of spray mist. In daytime operation this could settle on the tables and even get into the food of the customers. This has an influence on the image of the restaurant and finally on the number of visitors.
The UNGER Stingray indoor window cleaning system offers special features and benefits for maximizing cleanliness and customer wellbeing:
The TriPad made of high quality microfibres enables spraying and cleaning in just one step. As the spray mechanism is embedded directly in the TriPad, the cleaning agent can not escape into the air. The triangular shape of the TriPad allows cleaning of all corners and edges, while the microfibres absorb the dirt completely. The cleaning agent is therefore dispensed economically by using the exact dose. This protects the environment and reduces costs.

Another benefit of the system: Fast interim cleaning Sudden soiling, such as is commonplace in restaurants, can be quickly eliminated. Glass surfaces can be cleaned efficiently without disturbing the customers. The result: streak-free glass surfaces and satisfied, returning visitors.

With the Stingray interior cleaning system, you kill two birds with one stone: Glass panes are spotlessly cleaned, while eating areas remain completely free of spray mist. Benefit now from the advantages of this UNGER product and maximize the cleanliness of your restaurant.

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