Efficient floor cleaning: Area coverage without limits

> Highest cleaning performance

> Maximise cleaning and floor area coverage

> Ensure time savings

> The recommendation: erGO! clean floor cleaning system

> AGR seal of approval confirms ergonomic way of working

Efficient floor cleaning is essential in commercial cleaning. In addition to cleaning results, the time factor plays a key role, especially for scheduled cleaning tasks and large areas. The goal: to achieve high floor area coverage in the shortest time possible. Ergonomic cleaning tools, such as the UNGER erGO! clean floor cleaning system, make it possible.

With the new erGO! clean floor cleaning system, cleaners can now efficiently manage large scale floor cleaning tasks in which buckets and carts are used. Thanks to high quality components, such as the Flat mop with the latest microfibre technology, which combines high water absorption with excellent glide properties, both cleaning performance and area coverage increase. By means of the simple and intuitive handling with little training effort, the job is made easier and faster, thereby saving valuable time.

The back and joint protecting features of the S-telescopic handle are a great advantage. Its S shape as well as the rotating grips allow the user to work ergonomically in an intuitive way. Thus, with minimum stress on the shoulders, arms and wrists, the S-movement required for effective cleaning can be achieved easily. And all that with reduced effort. This is not the case with comparable competitor products.

Also the back is protected when working with the erGO! clean S-telescopic handle, because it can be adjusted in height and therefore be adjusted to the height of the cleaner.

The fact that work related illnesses can be avoided by means of this ergonomic way of working was confirmed by an interdisciplinary body of doctors, therapists and occupational health care experts. It awarded the erGO! clean S-telescopic handle the seal of quality from the Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V. (Healthy back association)


Do you want to benefit from the intuitive erGO! clean floor cleaning system? For more about product features and the ergonomic benefits, click here.


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