Better grip on the pole

> Start of the pure water season

> Working with water fed poles

> Sweaty hands in the summer

> Gloves for better grip

The days are getting longer, the temperatures are rising - it’s a clear indication that the pure water season is starting! Glass and building cleaners now have their hands full. And that in the literal sense of the word. For example, when working with water fed poles. To maintain a perfect grip on the pole even with sweaty hands in the summer, make sure you have the right gloves.

Especially when working at considerable heights, a good grip on the pole is important. If it slips in wet hands, it would not only affect the cleaning results. It could also cause damage to the pole or to the building.
Therefore, many professionals use pole gloves. These guarantee a firm grip thanks to non-slip materials. They also protect your hands on hot days when the pole heats up due to the warm rays of the sun.
Important: The gloves are sized relatively small. To ensure a perfect fit, it is advisable to order one size larger than usual.


Which gloves do you like using the most? Do you have any more tips to make it easier to work with the pole? We are looking forward to your comments! Write to us via Facebook or send us a comment via Email to .

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