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2018 has numerous sector highlights in store for us. clean Magazine gives you an overview of the dates, topics and trends that are sure to keep us even more occupied.

INTERCLEAN Amsterdam 2018

650 exhibitors will present themselves at the international cleaning and hygiene trade fair. In focus: innovative products, services and technologies of the cleaning industry. The range of offers covers everything related to cleaning and hygiene in industry, commerce, medicine, hospitality or also for food service facilities. Of course, UNGER will also be represented at the fair. So you can test the latest product developments live and experience their application. Click here for more events .

What are the No.1 topics of conversation in 2018? We will let you into the secret!

The cleaning sector is increasingly involved with the subject of ergonomics. This means the optimum working conditions of people. A central approach is how cleaning tools can make the work of professional window and building cleaners easier, more comfortable and safer. And not only that. Studies examine which parts of the body are used when working and visualise them using technical data. In this way, motion sequences can be further optimised in the future.

Also in terms of sustainability, a lot is happening. Save resources and use less chemicals - that is more in demand than ever before. The responsible use of valuable resources leads to innovative product developments that make this possible. Pure water systems or products that dosify the cleaning fluid in a targeted way, such as the UNGER Stingray or erGO! clean are just a few examples.

Where do improved ergonomics and more sustainability ultimately lead? To more efficiency, the top subject of 2018! Product innovations, that perfectly support professionals in their daily work, are economical and speed up work processes, ultimately pay off.

The current trend: digital

Digitisation is the supreme trend - at social, enterprise and private level. Everything revolves around the World Wide Web. Also the cleaning industry. Window and building cleaners must understand that the information behaviour of customers has changed. And that goes beyond the classic channels. Customers are increasingly looking for information online.
And digitisation is not just a new fad that will disappear again. You can do something for your business. From business processes by means of self-promotion, networks and customer care to the actual work on the object - there are numerous ways to integrate digital aids. Your own website should definitely be the start.

Of course, in clean Magazine we will keep you up to date on these and other dates, topics and trends. So have a look in regularly and give us feedback!
What should we be reporting on? Which trends are you working with? How are you dealing with digitisation in your professional life?

Send us your input via Facebook, as a comment or to .

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