Impressions matter

> Study: For 97%* of guests, hygiene is the most important factor

> 44 percent don’t return if they are disappointed

> In-between cleaning without disturbing guests

> UNGER products: intuitive and effective

Holidays, business trips or meetings: Sooner or later, guests from all over the world find their way into a hotel. A Europe-wide study has shown that perfect hygiene is the single most important factor for 97 % of guests*.

When guests are unhappy with their hotel visit, this can lead to complaints. This makes it all the more important to maintain a consistent standard of the highest quality. A current study shows that perfect hygiene is the most important factor for 97 % of those interviewed. As soon as a guest enters the lobby and the room, the atmosphere and ambience of the hotel leave an impression. Word of mouth spreads and when the feedback is positive, it can lead to correspondingly high visitor numbers.

Hotel guests pay attention to details

If the standard of hygiene cannot be guaranteed, visitors get a poor impression. So a survey right across Europe states: If the level of cleanliness does not meet the minimum standard expected by the guest, 44 % of guests will not come back. Amongst French guests, 23 % of those surveyed would actually leave the building immediately if they were not satisfied. For visitors, cleanliness actually comes ahead of service, hotel location or any other perks.
When assessing the level of cleanliness, the bed linen is top of the list, closely followed by the crockery and the toilets. Of course, the hotel must also guarantee clean doors, floors and windows in order to create a positive overall image.

How to maximise your guests’ satisfaction

Small, but noticeable areas of contamination keep appearing in hotels, particularly during peak times. These need to be cleared up quickly and discretely, so that the guest does not notice and his satisfaction level remains high. UNGER offers innovative solutions which guarantee a perfect hygiene standard and do not require any preparation time. The erGO! clean floor cleaning system can be used completely intuitively. This makes it fast and easy to keep floors clean. It is also important to ensure that the windows and other glass surfaces look perfect. This is where the high-performance Stingray interior cleaning system comes in. You can reach all areas immediately without any difficulty - and maximise your guests’ satisfaction with a few wipes. This means your guests can enjoy completely hygienic surroundings, even in heavily-used areas, without disruption from bulky cleaning equipment.

Ultimately, a good image becomes noticeable in reviews and certifications. With intuitively manageable cleaning products, you’re on the home straight for outstanding hygiene and loyal customers who keep coming back.
Find out more about the highly-effective solutions from UNGER to maximise your guests’ satisfaction levels.


*Source: P&G Professional – onvista


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