How to reduce downtime and costs

> 40 percent of cleaners complain about pain*

> Ergonomic floor cleaning

> Reduce illness related downtime and costs

> AGR seal approved: Recommended by doctors and therapists

Professional cleaners face a great deal of physical challenges every day. Floors are especially subject to frequent soiling and must be cleaned regularly. The problem: Conventional floor cleaning equipment is often not ergonomically designed. The body suffers. Downtime and costs are sure to arise. With the erGO! clean floor cleaning system this can be prevented.

When cleaning the floor with a cleaning tool that is not ergonomically designed, users have to apply too much pressure for long periods in order to achieve a clean result. The musculoskeletal system becomes unevenly stressed and sooner or later pain in the back and neck area appears. 40 percent of cleaners complain about such symptoms. This can lead to downtime, which causes significant costs for companies.

To avoid work related illnesses, doctors and therapists recommend cleaning tools that best support the user in their physical work. So work with it and not against it. UNGER has set itself the goal of implementing this idea with the help of ergonomic products. Among others, the UNGER Stingray interior cleaning system and the erGO! clean floor cleaning system have been developed. With the latter, the intuitive S movement is achieved with a minimum of effort. Work becomes easier, faster and more ergonomic to perform.

Investing in the health of employees pays off. Staff downtime is minimised and costs reduced.

You can also benefit and find out about the advantages of the erGO! clean floor cleaning system.

Recommended by experts

The ergonomic advantages of the erGO! S-telescopic handle >Link to: < have been confirmed by doctors, therapists and occupational health professionals in a theoretical and practical testing process. As the only product from the floor cleaning category, it received the seal of quality of Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V. (Healthy back campaign) (AGR).


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