Making the dirty clean: show us your cleaning success stories

> Demanding cleaning tasks

> What challenge have you mastered?

> Send us your before and after shots

Whether it's stubborn dirt, objects that are difficult to access, or huge glass surfaces, as professional glass and building cleaners, you often face great challenges. And when you solve these problems, not only should you be proud of your work, but also show the spectacular results with before & after shots to win new customers.

You surely know these challenges: floor-to-ceiling windows that have never been cleaned. Objects that are at such a weird angle that you can barely reach them to clean. Conservatories whose glass surfaces have seen better times and surfaces covered with stubborn lime stains from top to bottom.
The road to tackling these challenges can sometimes be quite arduous. But with motivation and hard work, you can remove even the toughest dirt and clean the hardest-to-clean surfaces. After all, you are the professionals! And the best at tackling challenges like these: Showing the before & after really shows the difference you deliver. Potential customers are often astonished!

Now it's your turn!

We want to see your success stories with before & after shots:

  • What products helped you achieve these results?
  • How long did the job take?
  • Were the results worth the hard work?

Send us photos and stories of your trickiest jobs by posting in the comments below, on Facebook or by e-mail to

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Making the dirty clean: show us your cleaning success stories

> Demanding cleaning tasks

> What challenge have you mastered?

>Send us your before & after shots

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