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From washers, window squeegees, and microfibre cloths to the choice of water-fed brush or water-fed pole, your tools play a decisive role in achieving optimal results. So why shouldn't they then, as your trusty, daily companions, not also have an individual touch?

As a window and building cleaner, you have to be able to rely on the quality of the tools of your trade. That's why they need to be high quality, fully functional, and always the right choice for the specific application. But you can do quite a bit to spiff up their appearance.

Window and building cleaner Rici Oldag, for example, is known for the creative embellishments to his tools. From company logos or photos of your loved ones to handles with built-in LEDs that change colour every few seconds, the choice is unlimited. With the aim of providing glass and building cleaners with something unusual for their daily work, Oldag is constantly trying out new variations.

What a great idea! The individual design of your own working materials can lift your spirits during a long workday and increase motivation. Sometimes even a small sticker, your name, or a personal engraving on a handle is enough.

Special pieces, such as an individualised window squeegee handle, are also nice gifts for birthdays or anniversaries and make a good souvenir in your in-house showcase.

What's your take?

Do you individualize your work materials? And if so, why and in what way? Post a comment on Facebook or send an email to


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